What is the difference between Travel Security Tools and Travel Intelligence Tools?

There are many travel security tools and travel intelligence tools available to the public that can help keep you safe when going on business or personal trips. Some are free and many are available through security companies and consultants. It is essential to know what is available to you when traveling or operating in different locations.

Travel security tools can include any number of different things to help keep you, your family or your employees safe. One of the most important tools revolves around planning. Companies, for example, should develop relevant and robust Emergency Action Plans to protect their employees when traveling. The plans should be updated and tested at least annually. There are many resources available to assist in creating and exercising the plans, including professional security companies and/or consultants that have the expertise in this area.

Other travel security tools include training. For example, before you engage in personal travel or if work requires you to travel, travel security training is something you or your enterprise should consider. It is especially important for families that might be going away for extended periods of time. The training may be as simple as a conference call with a security expert to discuss basic practices and procedures relevant to travel security.

Equipment is another part of your travel security tool box that can help keep you safe. For example, in some remote or unstable regions of the world, you might consider taking a satellite phone. Things like extra batteries, prescription medications or small first aid kits can also be useful when traveling.

Travel intelligence tools relate to research and data. The more you know about an area the more prepared you are to deal with any eventuality. Travel intelligence tools can be something as simple as reading a book about contemporary politics and culture of the particular place you are visiting.

Reliable data on the safety and security situation in the areas or regions visited is important. Governments often publish security information regarding other countries or regions that is accessible online to the public. This sort of information can include crime statistics based on city or state. There are lots of articles and blog postings too but these are very unreliable.

The safest way to obtain good travel intelligence data is to contact a security expert. There are many private security providers who specialize in providing threat analysis based on cities, countries and regions. These companies employ former military, police or government security experts that can provide you with expert analysis of the areas. Some specialize in business intelligence and have contacts who can assist companies with problems in this area.

There are subscription services too that can provide you with updated travel intelligence for wherever you are going. Some services include access 24/7 to regional experts who can assist you with communications or coordination during emergencies.

There are many different tools available to the traveler to help make his or her trip safer and more secure.

Being prepared is the best way you can mitigate the risk involved in traveling today.