The world is a dangerous place – especially business travelers face a variety of risks and threats: natural disasters and disease, war and terrorism, crime and economic espionage.

For years, the risk potential for travelers has been increasing at a worrisome rate. But although the risks are well known, many companies and travelers still deal with their own as well as their employees’ safety in an extremely careless manner - an alarming situation.

So much for the bad news. The good news is:
You can actively do something about it.

Because security awareness can be learned. Anyone who is aware of the existing risks and acts accordingly can significantly reduce the risk of a trip. However, the devil is often in the detail.

This guide provides clarity: The author deals with all major issues around travel security on business and leisure trips in a professionally sound and practical way.

What is travel security? What do companies need to be aware of? What risks are business and leisure travelers exposed to? And how can they protect themselves?

Using different case examples and practically-oriented recommendations, this book conveys fundamental aspects of professional corporate security organization and creates a solid foundation for security-conscious behavior when traveling - not only in high-risk countries. That’s why this guide is suitable for both aspiring security decision-makers and for security-conscious travelers. It should be part of every business and leisure traveler’s standard repertoire.


Zurich, December 2015

Arab Spring, turmoil in Brazil, terror in London, natural disasters and even the night life on Langstrasse in Zurich, Switzerland - all have their own dangers. These are only some examples of how in demand security is globally, while at the same time being in such short supply. Business trips present a constant challenge to travelers as well as companies. Not only legally, as in the case of "duty of care" obligations of managers towards their employees, but also in terms of the risk of business losses should something go wrong on a trip. Travel security is a hot topic and more relevant than ever.

Anyone striving for international success can’t get around traveling abroad. When business beckons, travelers’ security quickly becomes a minor matter. Incidents on business trips repeatedly occur, sometimes with fatal consequences. The cause is often ignorance about the dangers involved in travel, not only on the part of the traveler but also on the part of the company and the responsible supervisor. There is a lack of the necessary security consciousness as well as an educated awareness of specific travel risks. Business travelers’ security needs are still largely underestimated. It is high time to take action.

With this travel security guide, Sven Leidel fills a gap on the bookshelves of security managers, supervisors, HR-Managers and business travelers. Although there is an obvious need for practice-oriented specialist literature, guides on the topic of safe travel with the European perspective are rare. In this book, Sven Leidel has not only succeeded in providing a comprehensive overview of the dangers and risks, he also provides answers on how to deal with them. Using up-to-date real-life examples and a variety of practical rules of conduct and instructions, he makes travel security tangible for everyone.

The author’s message is loud and clear: Safety awareness can be learned. That’s why this guide makes an important contribution to travel security and is intended for both security officers and business travelers. I recommend this book to anyone responsible for employees’ travel security or who travels themselves. The dangers are not going to change. The only way to reduce risk and ensure the success of a business trip - in the truest sense of the word – is to know how to deal with them.

Thomas Tidiks
Group Chief Security Officer
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.


Sven Leidel

was born in 1968 in Hamburg, Germany.

As a former member of the German military police, he has been dealing with the topic of protection and security since 1988. Today he is involved, as an honorary member, in various national and international security and professional associations in advisory and executive functions.
He is a professional lecturer and trainer, facilitator and specialist author, security consultant and expert in the field of travel security. In addition, he is particularly active in the specialist area of „protection of persons at risk“.

Sven Leidel has extensive expertise gained from more than 25 years of industry and professional experience. He has operated in numerous foreign assignments and projects in Europe, North America, Latin America as well as parts of Asia.

His longtime customers include many major national and international companies, multinational corporations and insurance companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, non-governmental organizations, exposed private individuals, family offices and family foundations as well as entrepreneurial families and high net worth individuals..



What can I do for you?

I can assist your Organization with my comprehensive Expertise in …

  • Reviewing an existing Travel Security Management Program.
  • Creating and implementing a new Travel Security Management Program.
  • Reviewing existing Travel Security Policies & Guidelines.
  • Creating new Travel Security Policies & Guidelines.
  • Providing and customizing Travel Security Trainings and Awareness Campaigns for your Corporate Travelers and Expats.
  • Creating e-Learning and Online Training Solutions for Basic & Special Travel Security Topics.
  • Train-The-Trainer Solutions & Programs.
  • Identifying external Travel Security & Medical Assistance Providers, matching your Corporate Needs and Requirements.
  • Assisting in RFP´s (Request for Proposals) and Tenders regarding Medical, Safety and Security related Topics and Programs.
  • Finding Travel Security & Medical related Online Tools, such as PNR Traveler Tracking, GPS Tracking, Security & Medical Online Country Databases, Security & Medical Alert Services, 24/7 Emergency Hotlines a.s.o.
  • Outsourcing Solutions for the Travel Security Management.
  • Recruiting Travel Security Managers for your Corporate Security or Travel Department.
  • Advising and consulting regarding the Employer Duty of Care and UK Corporate Homicide Manslaughter Act.
  • Supporting your Organization during Business Trips with Secure Ground Transportation, Executive Protection, Aircraft Guarding, Air Charter a.s.o.



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